Update 1.1 - Fixed bug with the 3D maze where the player could get stuck and no inputs would work.

Previously only available on SpookyStation, Wishing Sarah is the tiny direct sequel to Dreaming Sarah.

After being in a coma, Sarah finally wakes up to find something odd about the world the lives in. She can't seem to understand what's going on very well, and you must help her traverse this new world - filled with intriguing new characters and events.

This small game will bridge the gap between Dreaming Sarah and the next game that's yet to come, Awakening Sarah.

  • This game includes the original Gameboy ROM file, both in English and Brazilian Portuguese. These work pretty well on emulators and real hardware! 
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(71 total ratings)
AuthorAsteristic Game Studio
TagsGame Boy, gb-studio, gbstudio, Pixel Art


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I experienced lots of slowdown and audio issues on GB. I played it on my RG35XX using the Gamebatte core.

ganhou meu coração pelo simples motivo de dar pra jogar em Brasileiro

Gameplay starts at 3:31:20.

I played this as part of the Spooky Station without having played the first game, but I really liked the art style/aesthetic. Very Yume Nikki-esque, especially when it more or less turns into Yume Nikki. The murder mystery subplot was also entertaining and I don't regret my choices. Planning on playing the other games at some point based on how much I enjoyed this one.

Hello, a quick question: why are the .gb files for Wishing Sarah named Dreaming Sarah?

Hello!! When I started making the project I didn't have a name for it, so I just named it "Dreaming Sarah GB", that's probably why.

Ok, but just to understand: Sarah is a trilogy? 1. Dreaming Sarah (PC), 2. Wishing Sarah with file name Dreaming Sarah (GB) and 3. Awakening Sarah (PC)?

Yes, that's it

So this is a prequel right?

The order should be Dreaming Sarah -> Wishing Sarah -> Awakening Sarah!

I have a new PC so I'll be able to play the new game... YAY!!!

wait a tick... are you the dev of Dreaming Sarah?

Yes hello

Lol! We're friends on Steam :) Hello!


DOES work on Steam Deck, ONLY if you edit the launch options to "Force the use of a specific Compatability tool" and set it to "Proton: Experimental."

Thanks for testing! I don't have enough money to get a steam deck to test any of my games LOL 

Que jogo charmoso! Desconheço o primeiro jogo, mas realmente gostei da aventura deste. É incrível como o desconforto me acompanhou por boa parte da narrativa, achei que a qualquer momento seria trucidado pelo acaso hahaha

Minha parte favorita foi em Happytown, adorei resolver o mistério. Ótimo projeto! 

I have completed this. The quality is very high, I was not so keen on the 3D maze found it difficult to navigate and think only got through on chance but then realised start brought up a map and was able to get my head around it and was impressed with it. A bit of a silent hill vibe and was able to complete without resorting to a walkthrough which is always a good sign of a well designed game. I played through on original hardware on Gameboy micro. Having save pigeons nice (: . Nice artwork in Decor Expo and the skull in the prison cell.

I will be watching out for the other games in the series but am on Mac so will wait until the upcoming steam deck comes out. I think these type of games are best played on handheld devices this was great to play on the gameboy. Thanks for making it.


Gostei muito desse jogo, acredito que seja um jogo feito por brasileiros e venho aqui para parabenizar a equipe que fez esse belo jogo, estou muito curiosa para ver o que acontece, porém não tenho dinheiro para jogar o outro jogo, mas amei todo o cenário, a história, o pombo de fato é um dos meus personagens favoritos, amei a ideia de colocar um pombo como o save. Mais uma vez parabéns pelo trabalho, espero que futuramente eu possa jogar a continuação dele.

i really love the game


Hiya! Fan of the first game, excited to be running this one on my new flash cartridge! Question: I picked up the umbrella and immediately got a white screen? When I restarted and loaded my save it remains at the white screen with no means of progression. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks!

No, it should work.. are you playing the (U) or (PTBR) version? 

Believe it's U.

I tested it here (on an emulator) and it did work so I'm not sure whats wrong :( I don't currently have my flashcard with me for testing but I'll take a look, maybe it's something gbstudio-related.. sorry about that!

No problem! Could also still be hardware related, my flashcard is new but I have had some occasional glitching/crashing with other games. Possibly I already scratched the microSD, or the cartridge loosened just enough from the console to mess it up, or there was some dust in there, no idea. The only thing that's strange about this glitch is that the menu will come up like normal but when I  choose "load save" I get the white screen again, as if that's where it last saved. So I do have to start over but I  don't mind all too much because I was enjoying the atmosphere and everything. It's a really well done game! A weird one time fluke of a glitch   doesn't detract from that. :)


Thank you so much for your support! I really want to come back to this game and fix a few things (and add colors!) but I'll only have time next year :( 

Hello, I have downloaded that game onto my everdrive for gameboy advance but can't seem to make it work. Do you have any tips that might help? Many thanks


Hi there! It should work - after you download WishingSarah-GB-ROMS.zip from the download page, you need to unzip it then you'll have 2 roms:

Dreaming Sarah (U).gb is the english version

Dreaming Sarah (PTBR).gb is the portuguese version

Keep in mind that even though there's a language select screen at the beginning, using the US version will not load the PTBR version - you need to use the separate roms.

Let me know if this helps, if it doesn't I'll take a look!


will this game ever be on mac?

Sorry but no - I don't own a mac or an apple developer account. You can still play the web version on a mac using safari I think. 

I made a video on this game.

Thank you!


Sure hope you watched & shared the video.

Very nice game with some interesting details to explore away from the main plot. The art gallery is fun :)

By the way, is there only one ending? I thought that the encounter on the bridge suggests possible alternate ending, but I couldn't activate it.

There's only one ending, but it's a short sequel to Dreaming Sarah and a prequel to the upcoming Awakening Sarah 

Is the game still being made with Construct or did you move on to another engine?

Wishing Sarah was made in GBStudio but all my other games were made in Construct 2. I just used GBStudio for this to try it out, it's pretty cool seeing a game you made running on a GameBoy!

Looks pretty cool! I'll give this a try asap... looking forward to seeing the sequel!

nice game! i really like the concept and the theme, thank you for making this  <3<3<3

joguei até bugar, na porta da direita que é um labirinto. Muito legal o jogo, parabéns =D

Você baixou recentemente? Eu lancei um update que conserta! Obrigado mesmo assim!

joguei no browser mesmo

Em português ou inglês?


Eu tentei consertar aqui se quiser tentar de novo! Valeu mesmo pelo feedback

I enjoyed this game and how unnerving it was in many ways! So good and I look forward to the sequel!

REALLY charming, and I very much enjoyed playing this game all the way through.

I have plenty of experience with games revolving around dreams in some shape or form, so I had an idea what I was getting myself into from the start.

The psuedo-3D part was pretty well done given the limitations you're working with, and I also loved how you used music.

I'm only sad that it's so short. But I had plenty of fun going through it. Can't wait to see more from you soon!

This game is really creepy. I didn't feel like going past Happytown. Well-made, but too creepy for my tastes personally. Even when nothing bad is happening everything feels wrong, especially the music.

Really enjoyable game, the whole time playing I was thinking this game is weird and I really like it

Thank you!

I played Dreaming Sarah years ago on Steam and wasn't even aware it had a sequel, let alone one so cute!  What an awesome find!

I like to think this is a short spin-off, the actual sequel is called Awakening Sarah but I'm still developing it!


I picked this game by pure luck to be the first I would play from the Racial Justice bundle, and I'm glad I did!

So much charm! And even though there was some creepy themes, the game still felt like a warm nostalgia filled hug. Thank you very much for making this.

Thank you so much!!!


I liked it a lot



this came out of nowhere to be one of my favorite games on itch! it has nearly infinite charm and the graphics style is so well done. i'd love to play more like this! excellent polish and perfect execution.

Thank you!


You could provide a gameplay trailer or video to see how the gameplay is in action. It could be just a few seconds.
Thank you.

The art of this game is very beautiful.


Oof, there is a trailer but I forgot to add it. Thanks for the heads up! I've added it to the screenshot list.

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Ah obrigado. kkkk
Agora que vi que é o cara que fez o Dreaming Sarah hauahaua
Ta bonito esse jogo. Essas artes de estilo retro tão voltando mesmo com tudo.


Valeu! Esse jogo é pra gameboy mesmo, por isso o estilo kkkkkkk

what program did you use


i thought so! it look amazing