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THE 3RD NIGHT: Te encuentras prisionero en tu propia casa, pero eso no es lo peor, lo peor es que hay alguien más...Gracias por el juego, saludos!!!

Can't wait for Four Nights at Frankies.


I have a request,

Hello, I am a small youtuber and streamer. I am wondering if I may record a video on your game or possibly stream it, thank you.

Kind Regards,


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is there a program supports for UNITY?

Because it doest work on my PC am using Windows 10 64

No Commentary :) 

Is there going to be a full release?


Right now we're busy with other games but in the future we'd like to make a full release..

Please, consider making a full release,i am willing to pay patreon for this. 

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thats how period happen

So, this one is a full version?

no, we made this in 2 weeks just for fun

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Hey just wanted to say I really enjoyed that game!  Really reminiscent of RE with the simple puzzles, graphics and particularly the doors lol.  Cheers!


(Your game starts at 15:06)

Now this is something I adore, aesthetically speaking. A first person view in a Resident Evil-esque setting with smooth camera controls is definitely very aesthetically pleasing and dour.  I really do want to see where this goes next.

As a demo, it has a few issues - one is that, while the shoutout to RE with the door animation is appreciated, it gets a little old a little fast when it's every single door in such a small setting. Along with that, I am sure the ending is a sign of things to come, but it kind of takes a very, very sharp turn in tone from the otherwise somewhat subtler scares of the house itself, and resulted in more of a laugh than a spook. 

Still, really hope to see The 3rd Night go somewhere.

Very interesting game. Keep up the great work.

I made a video of my playthrough - I had a fun time solving the puzzles and taking in the atmosphere. Would be great to see more of this game developed!

Played your game in an indie romp video i made. Hope you enjoy it.That bit with the stairs put me on edge! good work

your game starts at 15:45
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Great game bro

very cool! looking foward for it, well done =D

Loved the old school vibe and the atmosphere.

Joguei a demo e gostei muito do que vi, lembrei muito do Silent hill 4, com toda a atmosfera pesada que o jogo passa. Estou ancioso para jogar o jogo completo.abraços.


I'd have to say, I love the low-poly graphics in this game, and the homage to Resident Evil with the doors opening / going up the stairs etc. The tease with the monster on the stairs was great, however I did miss it on my first playthrough of the demo - which leads me to my one criticism of the game. Yes, it gave the player a great taste for the game with the neat atmosphere and the graphics being incredible ( also, wanted to say that the menu was so good. Thank you for actually putting thought into a nice menu ), but I found that it was just a tease. 

I feel that maybe with a bit longer of a demo, we might feel a bit more intrigued with the story; how did our protagonist get there ? What was his crime ? What's happening in the world around him that made him go into some hellscape ? 

Overall I'm looking forward to the actual release of this game, and might even stream it once it's out. Thank you for all of your hard work ! :)

Wow, that was amazing! Looking forward to seeing more.

looks awsome, cant wait til its finished

love this game, i love the pixelated games

Hi there, I am a youtuber who recently just played the game.I hope that whoever is reading this can check out my channel and leave a like and subscribe to support my channel. 

The game has a great scary atmosphere and I have to say the atmosphere is done very well by the creator. However, I felt that the demo was a little short and lacks a storyline as to what the protagonist is doing at home and why he intends to go out of the house at the end of the game. Furthermore, I believe that the ending has not much relation to what the protagonist has been doing the entire time and the ending does not make any sense.

Overall, I think the game is progressing in the right track (except the ending) and I hope I can see a better storyline and the full version of the game in the future.

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I hope to see this developed fully. It nails the 90's S-Horror atmosphere. :)


The game reminds me of old school Resident Evil and I like that. While there's not much story in it, there was enough to rouse my curiosity. I'll keep an eye on this game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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Really well designed, not scary don't worry not every horror game has to be scary,I would love to know who wrote that stuff on the book. Is it someone who is trapped in the house? Is The Protagonist in a limbo state? Is the protagonist actually the antagonist? I'm amazed and suprised on how you made this in 15 days.Overall this was a pretty good horror game.

The one thing I took from this comment? Not every HORROR game has to be SCARY.

Horror -  An intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.

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yup lmao why do you think I said not every horror game has to be "scary".


To curioso... Vou conferir :3